Friday, August 2, 2013

We DIY'd a fabric hoop wall

I never throw away and fabric. I have two huge overflowing bins of fabric. Actually, I have three bins ~ two have random fabrics and one is full of solid-color fabrics. I'm a fabric hoarder, I admit it. Well, maybe I'm not a hoarder per say because I actually USE the fabric. Anyway. I turned my scraps of fabric and some wood hoops into the cutest hoop wall in my girls' play room. I had a bunch of randomly sized wood hoops on hand and I spent about $12 on some large and medium-size hoops. Check it out!

The girls' playroom is in our loft at the top of the stairs. They spend lots of time up there playing with Legos, playing board games and watching movies. It's very girlie - check out the pink couch! We wanted to do something with the far wall. So it's covered in fabric now. {Yes, my husband is TOTALLY out-numbered in our house!}

To make our hoops, we first dumped out all of my fabric. {It was at this point I realized that I had A TON of fabric. So, yeah, maybe a little bit of hoarding tendencies going here? Hah!} The girls had fun picking out their fabrics. They picked out all of the fabric themselves.

Lydia pretended to dive into the fabric, ha!

Putting together the hoops was super simple - I ironed the fabrics if they needed it, then just stretched the fabric tight, tightened the hoop then cut off the extra fabric with sharp scissors. I cut the fabric very close to the wood hoop so that it wouldn't show from the front. I didn't glue it down or sew it. 

I have quite a few favorites - I highlighted a few. I quilted three of the hoops - the one on the far left that I have highlighted, the Halloween one on the right that I have highlighted, and there's one just slightly off center to the top right {the striped one.} I have had the girls' embroidered handprints in hoops for years ~ I added them to the wall ~ they are from when they were 4 years old. I have had some vintage memory game pieces for years, too, so I stuck a few up on the wall and they fit perfectly. 

Some close ups:

I love that Halloween one - I randomly pieced together the fabric then stitched a big spiral for the top quilting. 

For this one I pieced together strips and then did some straight line top quilting.

It's hard to see but on the brown polka dot hoop I added an A and an L in orange embroidery then added two pink stars. 

We love how it turned out! 


Katie said...

I love this wall treatment -- basically free and can be easily changed out

Wrestling Kitties said...

i ADORE this! So clever and a great use of all that fabric....seriously dude, that is a lot of fabric!! Love it :)

awesome idea!!

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