Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: tie dye kit!

Arlene with her awesome tie dye tote bag!
I was asked by JoAnn Fabrics to review a project out of their new summer crafts catalog called Cape Discovery. I picked a tie-dye kit project because it's been years since I did tie-dye! I remember doing tie-dye at summer camp; dipping a shirt into a big huge bucket of dyed water. Well, it's all a lot more simple now!

I was inspired by the tie-dye tote project featured on page 9 of the Cape Discovery catalog - go here to see the entire catalog, which includes 72 projects!!

I purchased three items for this project: the tie dye kit, the tote bag and iron-on letters.

We followed the instructions from JoAnns.com (available here!) and referred to the instructions on the tie dye kit, too. First we rolled up the tote bag, then put rubber bands around it at about two-inch intervals.

This tie dye kit was simple! The powered dye is already in the tubes, you just add water and mix it up!

Then you squirt the dye right onto the fabric.

We had to rub it in a little to get it to penetrate the fabric. But .....

Yiiiikes! Dyed purple fingers! The kit comes with plastic gloves but somehow my daughter Arlene's gloves got ripped while she was working with the dye, so she had purple fingertips. We washed the dye off the best we could and she walked around for half a day with purple fingers. By the next day the dye had worn off though, phew! If I were to do this project again, I'd have her use heavy-duty gloves so her fingers stay dye-free.

Once the tote bag was all covered in dye, we wrapped it up in plastic wrap and let it sit for eight hours, per the package instructions. Then we rinsed it off in the sink and washed and dried it. Then, I added her initials to the top by ironing on the pink letters. 

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If you want some more inspiration for summer-themed projects, go to JoAnns.com! What's cool is most of the 72 projects are kid-friendly! 

If you do one of the projects, please let me know! And! Post it on your blog and on Pinterest with the hastag #summerofjoann! You can see some other cute projects here!


Wrestling Kitties said...


So cute and it looks super easy!!

And that is so cool you were asked to review this project!!!

Amber said...

Fun! I wanna make one!

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