Thursday, April 18, 2013

My gnome plates

I've got a thing for gnomes. I find them to be rather cute. And they remind me of spring. I guess I figure gnomes help around the garden, in the springtime? I don't know. Annnnnyway, I found a set of seven gnome plates at my local antique mall and bought them to display on my shelf in my dining room.{remember my dining room shelf? the one that my dad installed before Halloween last year? here's a post about it.

These plates are pretty awesome and they're going to stay up on my shelf most of the year. 

The plates are from the book Gnomes published by Harry Abrams and are illustrated by Rien Poortvliet. Each of the plates is numbered. I got all seven for $60 which is a pretty decent deal.

Click on the image to enlarge!

Cute, right? 


Iris Took said...

Love gnome stuff.

Amber said...

Hee hee! These make me happy!

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