Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Handprinted fabric swap: what I received

I participated in the Handprinted Fabric Swap and wanted to share the fabric that I received from my swap partners! 

These cheery lemons are from Susan. Aren't they lovely?

This fabric is from Ella. The yellow dots and crosses are printed on pale lavender fabric. 

These bold designs printed on blue fabric are from Helen. The typewriter is my favorite!

This one is from Jennifer. I used a bit of this fabric already as the backing fabric for a house pillow from my Etsy shop ~ but I didn't get a photo of it before I put it in the mail, doh! 

And mine - screen printed buttons!


Indianna said...

Hi....I'm away at the moment and I'm hoping that this will be behind my door when I get home. The person who should've been checking the mail has been in hospital and so I can't confirm if it has arrived yet, but looks fantastic.

Amber said...

Fun! Yours is fantastic!!

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