Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silver high heels

Today is "spring" picture day at school - although this morning it was a chilly 20 degrees. 

The girls needed new outfits not only for picture day, but for Easter and for a school concert they have coming up next month. We found super cute dresses {at Target!} and SILVER HIGH HEEL SHOES

The girls adore their new shoes. They couldn't believe they were allowed to get high heeled shoes and I couldn't believe it either, but, they looked so darling in them we just HAD to get them. Adore isn't even an appropriate word - they're somewhat OBSESSED with their new shoes. They were wearing them all over the house to "practice" walking in the heels. {The heels are maybe one inch high? But to them? BIG STUFF!!!} 

I don't even tell them to pose - they just do it. Hilarious!

I am a bit worried that they'll have trouble walking in the heels all day at school today, but there was no way in you-know-what they WEREN'T going to wear those shoes. They were kind of hobbling down to the bus stop this morning but each time I asked them, 'are you SURE you want to wear those shoes today?!' they said 'YES!!!!' Nothing, not even twisted ankles or blisters, can keep them from wearing those shoes!

Super sweet - dimples! Demure little smiles! 

I love that they're becoming little girlie girls. We're not all that girlie, but we do have our moments. I'm all about special occasion dress up, complete with silver high heels.

For the record, Daddy does NOT approve of the silver high heels. But he lost that battle. It's three against one. Sorry Daddy. 


Iris Took said...

CUTE! Love it.

Samantha said...

Forget them wearing those heels, I WANT TO WEAR THOSE SHOES!!! I would love some silver high heels!

Amber said...

Love! Can't wait to see them (oh, and you!) soon! ;-)

Katie said...

well now I want a pair of those shoes and I have little feet so this might be possible for me to pick up a pair. your girls are lovely

Wrestling Kitties said...

ADORABLE. Simply adorable.

Your girls are such beautiful young ladies!!

Love their shoes fun to wear heels at that age :)

Anonymous said...

the little red 5 inch strappy heels would have looked great too

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