Monday, March 18, 2013

Craft supply table revamp using Handmade Charlotte Stencils

I revamped my craft room supply table using Handmade Charlotte Stencils
and I had an allllllmost craft fail, but it turned out to be a happy slash intentional design! Check it out!

I was super pumped to try out Folks Art's new line of Handmade Charlotte Stencils. I received a pack of stencils, some paint, some pouncers and a roller. Yay! 

I used three of the stencils from Handmade Charlotte's Patterns pack. I used the tear drop design, the chevron design, and the floral design. These stencils are super easy to use!

Here's how I revamped my crafty supply station! This piece is actually an old nightstand. It's solid wood and in good shape though. It was a light tan color with a pink formica top. When I took it to college years ago I repainted the whole thing a flat yellow and added new knobs. Since then, it's seen its share of moving trucks as I've moved house over the years, and it was looking a bit beat up. 

If you're re-finishing a piece of furniture, it's important to wash it down and make sure it's dry before applying paint. I used a magic eraser and then wiped it down with a lint-free cloth. I was disgusted at how black the magic eraser got - this little table was diiiirrrrty! Oh and remove the drawer pulls, if you're refinishing drawers.

Select your stencil and carefully punch out the pieces.

For the top of the table, I used green paint and the flower design. Just line up your stencil and use a pouncer to apply the paint. It's best to apply the paint lightly. Don't overlap the stencil on top of the wet paint or you'll get smears!

Here's where my almost craft-fail comes in. Right when I got the stencils and saw the chevron one, I knew I wanted to use it! 

I decided to stamp the chevron design on the drawer fronts using the orange paint. Then I decided to paint chalkboard paint onto the sides of the drawers. 

Ummm, I hated it. I didn't like the look of the orange on the yellow and the black on top. Ewww. 

So? I painted over it. Crafting is all about trial and error, right? 

Using the foam roller brush, I painted on three coats of the chalkboard paint, letting each coat dry for an hour before applying the next. 

Once it was all dry, I applied a tear-drop stencil with white paint.

Let the chalkboard paint dry completely - best to wait 24 hours, then condition it. Using the side of a piece of chalk, rub the entire surface. Then erase it all. I added my drawer pulls back on and wrote on the fronts of the drawers with yellow chalk.

Check it out! The chevron stripe design showed through, not in orange, but in white! And I absolutely LOVE IT! We'll just pretend that was completely intentional, ok? 

I love the extra pop of green color on the top, too!

I love it when things happen like this! My end product wasn't what I had originally had in mind, but it turned out even better! And now I know where to find my pins and shipping supplies.

The table fits in perfectly with the rest of my craft room decor. It's still yellow so it matches my work table, but it's got an extra punch of design. I love how bold the drawers look now.

Big thank you to Plaid, Folk Art and Handmade Charlotte for the supplies. To see more stenciling ideas follow the links below!

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Katie said...

I love your retro table and Edward Cullen. Your redo is a great idea.

Carissa Bonham said...

This turned out awesome. I love how the chevron accidentally shows through but looks amazing!

Amy said... this project AND the post. Thanks for showing your fail as well as how you saved it in the end. What a great idea having drawers you can label {and easily change the labels of} for your supplies! Thanks for sharing!

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

What a happy space!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

What a cool craft room. i love it!

Wrestling Kitties said...

I adore this and your crafting space!!

Amy Anderson said...

What a fun happy accident! Great idea!

Amber said...

Love how you turned this into something so cool! And functional!

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