Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ridiculosly easy and seriously cute dry-erase board tutorial

The other day I was sitting in my craft room, getting all worked up because in my mind that I have SO MUCH I WANT TO DO but there's only so many hours in the day, and the things I want to do, sometimes I forget them, sometimes I think of new ideas but then forget them too and ahhhhh! I just get all in a tizzy about the amount of stuff I want to MAKE but the lack of time and lack or organization of my ideas makes me batty.

So. I made a dry-erase board out of an old frame.

It was so ridiculously easy to make but turned out super duper cute.

I decided to put together this little tutorial in case your ideas need organizing like mine did. 

First, find an old frame. The one I had was a bit busted up but it worked great. Find some neutral-ish fabric. You don't want a print that's too dark or too busy. You want to be able to write over top of it and see it.

Cut your fabric a few inches larger than your frame. Iron it so it's super smooth. 

Lay the fabric, right side down, against the frame glass then smoosh the frame backing over top.

Twist the frame stay-putters in their place. 

If you need to straighten it out, tug gently. I had to work a bit to get my stripes all lined up. 

Once it's how you want it, tape the fabric against the back of the frame. I just so happened to have matching yellow tape. FANCY!

It doesn't have to look pretty. No one's going to see the back.

Voila! Done! Now wasn't that super simple?! 

I hung my dry-erase board in my craft room and promptly filled it with my to-do list! It felt good to get my ideas up there and organized. I've marked a few of those items as completed since I made this, yay! Now my mind isn't so crazy with ideas. Well, it's still crazy, but it is a bit more organized now.

{Those hand embroideries I found in my basement - I had made those when the girls were smaller. I also found those vintage wood spools in my basement. Seriously, I find the best stuff in my basement, stuff I completely forgot I had! I crocheted a single chain of yellow yarn and strung the spools on it. I love it. I love the whole ensemble!}


Wee Cute Treasures said...

What a clever idea - and as you say so easy! Thank you for sharing. Now, like you, I have to find time to make in amongest the zillion other projects and ideas in my head and all over my craft area!! :) Carol

Iris Took said...

That's cool!

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