Monday, February 4, 2013

Purple coffee table!

I'm a wee bit excited that I got a new coffee table! READ: I'm completely ecstatic!!!  We've never had a coffee table in front of our purple couch. I was just never quite sure what type of table would look good in front of it. I thought about getting a table that matched the side tables, but then, on Friday, I saw that a local antique store had the MOST PERFECT TABLE EVER! I bought it on Saturday. (For $65!! What a deal!)

It's a purplish pink color. It's not as girly looking as you might think. I was worried my husband would hate it but he liked it! It sets the couch off nicely, I think. And what I love the most about it is that it's a one of a kind piece. LOVE IT!

{I got new pillow covers too. But, looking at this photo, it kinda makes me crazy seeing how wrinkly the striped pillows look, ohhhhh well! And, tell me, does that blanket look stupid draped over the couch like that?}

This purple couch is in my parlor, which is where my new grand photo wall is located. Now the room just needs two sitting chairs and then it'll be done!

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