Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zippered Sweets Pouch

One of my resolutions for the new year was to do more sewing and quilting projects. To kick myself into gear I signed up for the Sweets Pouch Swap over at the Sew Delicious blog

I'm quite pleased with how my pouch turned out! It was the first time I had sewn a zipper, and even without a zipper foot on my sewing machine it turned out okay! {I need to find my zipper foot, it would have been a lot easier!} 

My swap partner is in Australia; she said she likes reds and whites and doilies. Yay, doilies! I found some fun red/white fabric with little bunnies and flowers ~ it looked Valentiney to me so I thought it was perfect. 

I stitched together strips of the fabrics for the front and back exterior pieces, then stitched on the doily, and stitched quilting lines arcing out from the doily. The inside lining fabric is a solid piece of one of the designs.

We were to put treats inside the pouches so I visited my local sweets shop and picked out some decadent chocolate hearts, mmmm! 

I'm glad I participated in this swap because it forced me to tackle a new technique - zippers! Plus I've been able to connect with some great sewers who are also participating in the swap, which has been awesome. 


the corbett kid. said...

you did an awesome job! whoever is getting that pouch, is one lucky person. :)

Wrestling Kitties said...

LOVE this!! So dang cute. I am not as talented, but I want to try to do some more crafty things and just randomly send them to friends :)

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