Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tutorial: crochet heart pins

These crochet hearts are simple and fast to stitch up and they are the perfect stash buster! I sat down one evening in front of the TV and made 20 or so hearts in no time.

Here's the pattern:

You can use any size crochet hook. I used a G hook on my hearts. 

You work almost all of the crochet stitches in the first chain. The chain gets looser the more you add to it; just pull it tight to close it when you're done. 

You can make them into cute little lapel pins: 

Or make cute hair pins:

{my glue job is so messy in that photo! oh well! hah. you can buy bobby pin blanks at most craft stores or online at places like Rings and Things.}

Make a rainbow of hearts!

I am thinking about making up a bunch of hair pins for all the girls in my kids' class and lapel pins for all the boys for Valentine's Day! Wouldn't that be cute?!


Kristin said...

Will these lovely items be in your Etsy shop?

Wendy said...

@Kristin - I can send you some! Really! Send me an email!

Amber said...

Love the idea of hair and lapel pins for the girls' classmates!

Wrestling Kitties said...

I pinned this!! :)

Ana Lopes said...

How sweet and simple idea! I love it! I made some hearts with wire in crochet, I would like you have a look. I love your blog and I'm going follow you on Pinterest.
Have a fabulous week!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Jennifer Mault said...

Love this pattern! I am sharing on Facebook (Sow Many Blessings)! God bless you! happy New Year!

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