Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organized Pinterest Boards

Last Thursday night I started organizing my Pinterest Boards ... yeah, really exciting stuff, 'eh? But I tell you what, once I started, I couldn't stop! 

After three hours or work {yes, three whole hours!} I had organized all 600 plus pins, all into neat little categories. My pins were sort of organized before, but now each one has its own place. It's quite a beautiful thing. Yes, I just said that ~ I love looking at my newly organized pin boards. {Yes, I am a dork.}

I have 31 boards now, ranging from holidays to DIY projects to home decorating ideas to sewing tutorials. I used to have one huge "Projects to DIY" board which includes a whole bunch of ideas. That board had almost 100 pins in it. I separated them all out into different types of crafts that I do, into their own boards. So now it actually makes more sense and I can go back to those separate boards for ideas. For example, I have a sewing board, a crochet board, a quilting board, and an embroidery board, plus a catch-all "Projects, Tutorials and Art Inspiration" board. 

In case you're ever in the mood to buy me something {heh heh!} my "Things I Need to Own" board will give you lots of gift ideas.

And yes, I have a board for some cuties. 

And buttons, of course!

And lots of other things! Check out my organized boards here, oooohhh lala! If your boards were a bit haphazard like mine were, I encourage you to take the time to work on them! Ever since I organized my boards I'm finding Pinterest even more addicting, now I'm getting a kick out of putting my pins into my different boards. {I told you I was a dork!}

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kim leavens said...

Just stopping by from the Sweet Pouch Swap!! Having fun meeting new peeps and checking out all the wonderful things!!! Love your dolls and little houses...wonderful!!!

kim leavens said...

Oh...and by the way my pinterest boards are a mess right now!!! I'm dreading the thought of getting it organized!!! LOL

Wrestling Kitties said...

HAHAHA! That is awesome!

I am so unorganized with mine...I shall hire you to organize mine! It should only take like 30 minutes :)

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