Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it the return of the button-eyed doll?! Hmmm.....

For the first time in a half a year, I made a doll! And she turned out perfect! 

I had quasi-somewhat-sorta retired my dolls. Kind of. But not completely. Ha! I had gotten really tired of making the dolls a year ago when I was making a bunch for my Etsy shop and for craft shows. So I didn't make any for awhile aside from the random special order. But then last Christmas I was getting frustrated making some special orders and I told myself, enough! If the dollies are making me mad, no more! So I gave them up for a long time. 

But! This past weekend I got a request to make a doll and at first I hesitated, remembering my frustration earlier, but then decided, what the heck, I'll do it!  

The doll turned out perfectly. I could not be more pleased!

Notice the front her legs are pink, the back are orange! Faaaancy!

I had always been annoyed with how I was stitching up the back of the dolls ... I used to do a two or three inch stitching line on the back of the doll and I started not liking that. {Refer to this listing here - look at the back of the doll to see the short stitching line.}Well, for this doll I decided to extend the line of stitching from the top of the dress all the way down to the tag. I like it. What do you think? 

Will this be the return of Two Stars' button-eyed dolls? I don't know for sure yet. I am contemplating trying to get into a few craft shows this fall. I want to make Halloween themed dolls too ... I made a trial witchy looking doll this weekend that turned out OK. I want to perfect the pattern and look before sharing it here though. Stay tuned!

And, can I just say, whew-wee life has been nutty busy lately!!! Work has been super busy and we've been running around in the evenings doing all sorts of stuff - not much time for blogging as of late! 


Ky • said...

I like the stitching and I love that you may consider making more dolls. They truly are ADORABLE.

Kristin said...

I love the dolls!

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