Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etsy Favorites Wednesday - birthday

My birthday is coming up so this week's Etsy Favorites Wednesday list is filled with things that I'd like for my birthday. You know, in case any of you need any gift-giving encouragement, teehee.

Pyrex Friendship Bowl - I have a small collection of these bowls. Want to add one more!

Ice cream pendant - I admire this seller's work and find this ice cream pendant to be incredibly cute!

Flower brooch - I had this in a previous ETW list. Still loving it.

I don't have a teething baby but I feel as though I need this simply because it is completely cool to just display!

I think these are fantastic and would match just about anything.


Amber said...

I love that seller's style, too! The ice cream pendant one!

Sarah said...

I am with you on the vintage Pyrex - love it! And the Jay-Z reference on that button, hilarious! I'd totally buy that stuff too.

Sassytimes said...

That ice cream pendant is adorable. Love the earrings too!

Fércművek said...

Thank you for featuring my flower brooch. :)

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