Thursday, February 23, 2012

Results! Pinterest Challenge 2012

The results of the Pinterest Challenge to-do list are IN!  Six bloggers, including myself, were in for this challenge. One blogger had to bow out and a couple gals didn't get to all of the pins they had intended to conquer. But overall? SUCCESS! Here are the results!

Kylee, who blogs over at Two Pretzels, made three pins. First she made slow cooker creamy chicken and wild rice soup!

She says, "it was SO easy and ridiculously good. In no way, shape or form would you ever be able to consider this delightfully creamy soup low-cal, but it was fantastic. Does it count for something that I used non-salted butter?" 

Kylee continues, "I'm usually put off by creamy soups, but I was thrilled that this one didn't use a Campbell's 'cream of' soup in the recipe and it was smooth and not oddly clumpy or separated like some cream soups can be. May it be noticed that you could probably add cauliflower and some other veggies and it would be just as good. AND, you MUST eat it with crusty bread."

Next, she made Tea Tin Fridge Magnets.

She says, "Well, I didn't have a tea tin, but I DID have a mini olive-oil tin that is as cute as a button. I wasn't so fantastic at using the hand-held can opener to get the top of the can off (few little scrapes on the tin) but hey, it's a homemade craft!"

She says, "I cut up a left-over fridge 4X6 picture frame magnet that was in not-so-great shape and hot glud it to the back of the can. And wah-la."

"It's the perfect litlte holder that holds our family's necessities: a couple of pens, a sharpie and a couple of pencils. I love that they're up high so that a certain pair of 2.5-year-old hands can't easily get to them."

Next up, she made Kid Artwork.

She says, "This one was easy - I bought a canvas and used some leftover stickers that we got in the dollar bins at Target in Missouri this past summer. I applied the stickers, Lila {her daughter} painted."

"The paint dried, I peeled off the stickers with the help of an Xacto knife, and ..."

"... there you have it, the finished product. We hung it next to another one of Lila's masterpieces. I kind of love it."


Sarah D, who blogs at Turtle Parade, was going to make Art from Toddler Scribbles but instead decided to make S'More Cups!

She said they altered the recipe a bit and it was EASY. And very delicious.

Joss {her daughter} helped to crush up the graham crackers for the crust.

She made the crust with crushed graham cracker, powdered sugar and butter.

She smooshed them into mini cupcake tins and baked them.

Joss then dropped three chocolate chips into each cup and then four mini marshmallows.

She put a single chocolate chip on the top and put them back into the oven for a few minutes.



Sarah P, who blogs at A Random Sampling, made Little Valentines!

Sarah says, "This project was super easy. Cutting out all the little hearts was a little bit tedious but nothing a glass of wine couldn't fix! I printed the cards off of I used some pre-cut card stock that I found at Michaels for the backing. I also had a bunch of coloured paper clips that I thought were more fun than regular silver ones. I had all of the other supplies I needed sitting around my craft room (scissors, hot-glue, glue stick and embroidery floss.) This project was super easy and made me look like the Mom who had it together (it was dead easy.) I might be kicking myself for starting this handmade trend so early - but I made over 17 over the course of a weekend, so what's a few more than that when my daughter hits school, right? ;)" 


Nadja, who blogs at Athena Bees, completed four pins! Wow!  First up, Skinny Taco Dip

Nadja says it turned out great! She used reduced fat shredded cheese and fat free sour cream and cream cheese.

Next, her and Athena made 2-ingredient strawberry fudge.

She says, "Candy made out of a can of frosting? Yeah." 

Then, they made skinny crock pot soft tacos!

She says, "we used boneless skinless chicken and fat free cream cheese and served it in little flour tortillas. Muy bueno."

And lastly, they made angel food cake skewers!

She said Athena LOVED these - cake for breakfast!


Up next, me! I had intended on doing two pins, but only got to one. 

I made a version of these wax paper hearts. I filled the hearts with mini cinnamon dots. Except, wax paper wasn't working for me. It was too slippery for my machine. It kept getting bunched up, and it didn't look as pretty as my inspirational pin

It could have been because I was trying to use a zig zag stitch. Either way, I wasn't happy with the results.

So, it being a Sunday when I tackled this project, I decided to use newspaper instead! To great results!

I had a lot of fun going through the paper and picking out what to cut out. I used a heart cookie cutter as my pattern.

I gave these hearts to my colleagues on Valentine's Day. We had a meeting in the morning so I set one at each person's place. I even personalized a few. A woman who does beading crafts got the beaded heart (above) and the HR people got hearts with classifieds on them, ha! {This was a part of Operation: Social Wendy! It was a success - I was nervous at first about giving them something I made but everyone really really liked them.} Isn't that Yanni one funny? 

Now, I will say, filling the hearts was really difficult! I said a few curse words! I ended up cutting a paper towel roll into quarters and used that as a guide for the cinnamon candies. A few of the candies went in at a time; they rolled all over and all over me and the machine and the table and the floor, but the good thing about that is I had two little helpers that enthusiastically helped to clean up because they got the eat what they picked up!

The girls each got a heart on Valentine's Day - they got the funnies!

Overall, despite the frustration of getting the candies into hearts, this project turned out really great and it's one I would tackle again. 


Wow, aren't we a busy bunch?!  THANK YOU to those who participated. I enjoyed seeing everyone's finished projects. We'll do this again!


Sarah said...

I love how the newspaper turned out! I was thinking about doing this, but ended up filing it away for when A is a bit older. :) Will have to remember to skip the wax paper.

Wrestling Kitties said...

These all turned out so great!! Great job ladies!! I am repinning them :) I need to do this. I WILL do this!!

Nadja said...

Kylee's soup looks DIVINE!

Well done, all. I can't WAIT to do it again. Maybe another one of us should host so you don't have to always do the work??

(I shared this on a Pinning Results Facebook page I joined.)

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