Friday, April 29, 2011

Girlie skull bags

I had a very last minute Easter present idea for the girls. Saturday night sewing project!

I had found these adorable paper doll books earlier in the week ....

On Saturday I decided that the girls needed bags for the books.

They really like the Monster High dolls ... which look like these: 

{The girls in Monster High are the daughters of famous monsters. For example, DracuLaura is the daughter of Dracula and Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. heehee!}

We found these shoes at Old Navy - which aren't Monster High shoes but they look like the Monster High skull logo.

SO, I decided, they needed girl skull bags! {which I realize is sort of a strange Easter gift, but whatever, it's what they like!}

I patterened the skull heads from the skulls on their shoes. I adhered the skull shapes to the fabric then stitched over them loosely.

Each of the bags has their names on them.

The backs of the bags have three skulls on them.

The paper doll books are really neat!

This is Lydia's first doll outfit that she colored.

Fun!  I'm happy with the way the bags turned out and the girls love them!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Really mother nature? Really?

Painting from Etsy seller FranceGallery

We've been sacked by the weather this spring. SACKED.  It rains, it pours, it STORMS. And I am terrified of storms. TERRIFIED. Whenever it storms, I think a tornado is coming and we will all be sucked away and we're going to die. When it storms I listen for the low rumble of a tornado, I listen and listen. I have never been in a tornado I've just always been scared of them. When I was younger I would go into my parent's bedroom and sleep on their floor for protection. When I got older I'd pack up my pillow, favorite blanket and my biggest stuffed monkey and head to the basement and sleep on the couch. We lived in flat northwest Ohio which had its share of bad weather. Never a tornado, but lots of strong storms and wind. In college, there was many a time when I was frightened of storms. I got a little better when my husband and I moved to southern Ohio after college because I had a husband for protection but also because we had milder weather in the southern part of the state. I was rarely scared. Our first house had a basement - it was a split-level which was perfect - we'd just bunker down in the family room if it was storming. I felt pretty safe.

But wouldn't you know - we sell our house, move into an apartment (a SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT!) and we're having the worse batch of spring storms that I can remember ever having?!?!  I am scared to DEATH!

I need a basement. I can't handle being in an apartment. We have no interior rooms. If a tornado did come through, we'd have to cower in the hallway near our laundry closet. I don't feel safe with that option. Not safe at all. I need a basement. Either that or Mother nature needs to just go ahead and get over herself and STOP IT!  ENOUGH!  I can't take it any more!

This spring we've had terrifying weather. Too much rain. Too, too many storms. Last week, I was especially scared: Our forecast one night was this: "Strong thunderstorms likely. Damaging winds, large hail, and possibly a tornado with some storms. Low 63F."  For the love of all that is holy!  And that night of storms came right after a night of storms that kept me up for hours. Uggggggg!!!  I was skeeerd. And when I DID wake up when it was storming (I never, ever sleep through storms) we had a tornado warning. A WARNING. I about came unglued. I was panicking. I hate feeling helpless - like there's no where we can go to be safe. I feel incredibly vulnerable in an apartment!  And there's a tornado WARNING!  WHICH MEANS A REAL TORNADO! {My mind immediately starts droning, "dying in a tornado! shelter!  take cover!  you're going to get sucked away and DIE!!!} I had to force myself to keep my cool. My husband and I assessed the situation and it didn't appear to be quite so severe. The worse part of the storm was south of us. We were poised to take shelter - clutching our cell phones and Ipods, ready to grab the girls and take cover if needed. But we didn't need to. That night, thankfully, the storms weren't severe. They were strong, but no tornadoes. Thank goodness.

Not fully trusting our Ipods and cell phones for reliable, up-to-date weather radar - we purchased last weekend my savior:

A weather radio. It lives right by my head on my nightstand.

I love that thing so much. If there's a watch, warning or super severe weather, this baby will tell me. It's battery powered, so it's going to always be ready to warn me.

I feel much safer. Not as safe as I would feel underground, but, safe enough. Having a weather radio helps to suppress my panicked mind - I trust that I'll *know* if something bad is coming, instead of automatically just always assuming that something bad is coming.

But really, enough is enough!  I'm done with this weather. No more storms!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Etsy Favorite Wednesday - lilacs

My third favorite flower next to tulips and daisies are lilacs. I love lilacs. Their color, their scent. Mmmmm!  Check out the lilac-colored and lilac-inspired things I found on Etsy!

Crocheted beads - I'm inspired by these to make my own! I think half a dozen little crochet beads on a delicate necklace would look quite spectacular. Agreed?

Petal pillow - Loving the texture of this pillow.

Linen jewelry set - Exquisite!

Ceramic ring - An antique button was used for the mold for the flower. Delightful!

Flower charm pendant - I really like this pendant. A lot.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bring your child's artwork to life!

Check this out - my cousin Sarah asked my girls to make some drawings for her. She said she wanted to turn them into crocheted items. So the girls got to work and we sent her a batch of drawings. LOOK WHAT SHE MADE!!!

I cannot get over how adorable these are!

Arlene drew a dog - now it's a stuffed dog!

Lydia drew Jack Skellington - now it's a stuffed Jack head! 

Aren't they awesome!  I love them so much!!!  She did such a great job - what I love the most about them is that they look exactly like the girls' drawings. I don't know how Sarah accomplished that with crochet, but she did!  She transferred their drawings into stitches. The little dog doesn't look just like any old doodle, it looks like Arlene's dog. And the Jack head is exactly how Lydia draws Jack!

And now, YOU can get your child's drawings turned into their own little stuffed creations!  Sarah has an Etsy shop!  Check out her listing!

I love little kid artwork so much - I have all sorts of ideas for drawings that Sarah could turn into little stuffed items now!!! I will have to put some requests into my little artists. Wouldn't it be cute to have a bouquet of flowers?  And Lydia draws the cutest little suns with huge grins - how cute would a sun pillow be?!  Precious!  The possibilities are endless and super duper cuuuuuuute!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing up is hard (for mommies!)

My little girls are growing up so fast. Look at my Lydia in her pretty Easter dress!

Is she six or 16?!

We saw that dress on the rack at Target and I thought, there's no way that would fit her, that dress is too long!  But, it fit her!  And she looked so grown up!

We had to find cool shoes to accompany the dress. We found these "grown up" sandals:

How snazzy!

Lydia is really sprouting up!  She's all legs - I think she's going to be very tall. Arlene is a little pipsqueak! She's teeny tiny. We got Lydia's dress in the little-big girls clothing section - but couldn't find a dress that would fit Arlene so we got Arlene's dress in the toddler section. I'm seriously OK with that - let me keep at least one of my girls in the toddler clothing section!  I don't want my little girls to grow up - but it's happening!  It's happening right before my eyes!

They may be getting taller and growing older but they're still super silly pants little girls!

Family photo!  Aren't we a happy bunch!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etsy Favorites Wednesday - bunny!

I love bunnies!  I do, I just love bunnies. I have always loved bunnies. I have a little collection of bunny figurines and stuffed bunnies which I miss this year because they're in storage whilst we're in our apartment!  I have a few bunny pins too, which I do have with me and have been wearing to work this week.

Here's some bunny things I found on Etsy!

Handcarved bunny - Understated, but yet really cute.

Ceramic bunny - I fear that I'm going to be one of those little old ladies that has a huge collection of ceramic animals which I keep in a special glass case and get out weekly to dust and play with.

Bunny napkin rings - these are napkin rings! 

Teeny bunny earrings - HELLO THUMB NAIL!  That's a big thumb nail. But I guess it gives perspective to the teeny bunny earrings?  They are tiny and cute. The manicured thumb nail is obtuse.

She holds the rabbit art - I am intrigued by this piece. It's beautiful!

When I was looking through vintage bunny things on Etsy, I came across this:

I HAD ONE OF THOSE PINS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!  The bunny chomped his carrot!  HAHAAAA!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moustache Messages

I bought a moustache chalkboard from Etsy for the new house. I had intended on not opening it and saving it for the house, but, once it came, I had to open it and I HAD to hang it up!

It's in our bathroom. We'll use it for messages.  Moustache messages.

Get your own here!  {the shop is closed right now but you can be notified when it's back open!}

I bought the handmade eraser from the same seller!  I love how colorful it is!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shop update: reduced prices!

The Two Stars Etsy shop is full of Easter basket-filling cuties!  

And all prices have been reduced 25% or more! 

Little stuffed bunnies like this one ... 

.... would be quite lovely accompanying an Easter basket. They are $10 each!  There are two in stock.

I have one big dollie left - she's $24 now (she was $32.)

I have one baby-safe doll in the shop - she's $16 now (she was $24.)

I have 9 plastic button eyed dolls in the shop - they are $14 each or $16 each if they have handmade fabric. (They were priced at $22 or $24 each)

I have lots of houses!  They are all $16 each (they were $24!)

And one dapper little Mr. Fox!  He's $16!

And a couple camper pillows!  They are $14 each.

I regret that I can't take any custom orders at this time, since my doll patterns, fabric stash and hoard of buttons are in storage while we're living in an apartment while our new house is built. Once we move in (this fall) I'll be back at it creating new things!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hop hop

I asked Lydia to make me a bunny drawing because I looooove bunnies. This was my special creation!  How sweet!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April showers bring May flowers - Etsy Favorites Wednesday

Spring is here, spring is here! Our weather has been pretty nice lately. We'll have a rainy day followed by a pretty sunny day. Things are starting to look green and flowers are sprouting up! This week's Etsy list - showers and flowers! 

Cloud trinket dish - For a cloud this one is pretty darn cute.

Rain drops - Colorful little rain drops! The other morning when I was driving the girls to school I said, "It's sprinkling a little" and Lydia said, "Sprinkling like sprinkles on a cupcake?" to which I replied "No, sprinkles as in a little bit of rain" and she replies, "It would be really cool if it DID rain sprinkles, especially colored ones. That would be a great start to our morning." teehee!

Umbrella print - I kind of have a thing for colorful umbrellas but the problem is that I always lose them so I don't allow myself to buy cute ones.

Tulip charm - I heart this a lot. I like tulips a lot.

Springtime screenprint - Cheery colors! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011