Thursday, November 17, 2011

Traffic light sight words

My girls are becoming really good readers and spellers. First grade has been a lot of fun so far! They have spelling tests every week and my favorite part of the evening is testing them on their spelling words. It just gives me joy!  Is that weird?  Anyway, they also are doing a lot of reading too. Arlene has to read five books a night! Lydia only has to read one book from school but she usually ends up reading a book or two that we have at home, too.

Arlene's newest activity is called "traffic light sight words" - she has a whole slew of sight words. If she knows the words right away, by sight, they go on the green part of the traffic light. If she hesitates but gets it, they go on the yellow part. If she has trouble and can't sound it out, they go on the red part. Last night was the first time we played. She did great!  

I was so surprised at the words she knew already! 

She knew "something" right away! Whoah!

This was her traffic light when we were finished - she had a lot more in the green than in yellow or red, which is the goal!

I took a video of her trying to read a few words: (the video is skinny for some reason!)

Tomorrow I'll post a video of Lydia reading!


the grumbles said...

that is such a fun idea! i will remember this later. maybe. but i want to.

Amber said...

That's awesome! My friend's daughter is doing this and sounded out 'she' to 'shee-it' the other day! Ha!

Wendy said...

@Amber - I remember one time in elementary school I didn't add the "R" to the word "shirt" on a spelling test!

Jill said...

Great idea! I hope I can remember this for when Coen is this age!

wrestling kitties said...

Way to go!! Look at all those words she knows, that is awesome!

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