Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Down at the Lanes

We took the girls bowling on Friday night and I tell you what, we had a blast! It was so much fun! We've been playing Wii bowling with the girls and decided to try "the real thing" and the girls were actually pretty good! We had the bowling alley to ourselves, which was really nice. We've decided that bowling is going to be our new past time, haha!

Cute shoes!

Arlene might be a natural! 83 points! They played with bumpers but still that's pretty good!
And a few videos:


Arlene has a surprise move!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Old school potholders

Last night when we were at Michaels Lydia picked up a weaving loom. She said she wanted to "sew" and you know I got all excited about that! I used to make potholders when I was little and I remembered it being not that difficult, so I thought it might be a fun little craft to do. We got to work today and they turned out really cute! The girls were so proud of their creations. Arlene kept saying, "Now I can take hot stuff out of the oven!" (teehee!)

They were able to pull the fabric hoops onto the loom and then I wove the needle through them and they pulled the hoops through.

Lydia's just about matches her dress!

Look at those little fingers, hard at work!

Such concentration!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

I finally got around to posting all of the dolls in my shop

Last night I stayed up late with a big 32 oz. Coke next to me and uploaded ALL of my dolls to my Etsy store. I now have a total of 28 dolls in my shop. I had uploaded about a third of the dolls after my craft show in May, but then just sort of ran out of stamina. But last night I decided I might as well list them in my shop so there's a chance they'll sell, rather than just sitting in my craft room. It took three hours to upload all of them but I'm glad they're all on there now. I decided too to take the magnets and hair clips out of my shop. They weren't getting any action in there anyway. What I'll do now is include a couple as a "thank you gift" when someone buys a doll.

Of course I love all of my creations, but here's a few dolls out of the new batch that hold a special place in my heart:

Ice Cream Irene
And who wouldn't love a doll with ice cream cones on her dress?! Lovely. I especially love this doll's eyes; I had found these buttons a few years ago and wasn't sure how they'd look on a doll but I do like the result.

I love this owl print! I made a brown-haired gal (which is my avatar) and this red haired girl.

Elephant Ellie
I had found this elephant print fabric on Etsy last year. I really love it, especially paired with the red hair and red legs!

This doll (and her twin, there are two in the shop) are my favorites! I had bought this hand-made camper fabric off Etsy.

The cutest Lydia picture of the batch! She was waving the dollie's hands at the time I was taking the picture and saying "Hi Mommy, I'm a doll with stars on my dress! Hello!" teehee My little model - look at her hand on her hips, too funny!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Etsy Favs Addendum: Ultimate Finds; Ultimate Wants

As I wrote about in today's Etsy Favorites Wednesday list, I've been doing these here lists every Wednesday for over a year, give or take a few skipped weeks. Here's a link to my very first Etsy Favs list, and here's the link that links to all of 55 of them. I feature things that I find on Etsy that I like, to give the sellers a bit more exposure and to expose my readers to a small snippet of all of the wonderfully talented people on Etsy. Over the past year I've said that I've "wanted" or "loved" or "must have" about a bazillion of these finds, but it's true. I want them all!

I've decided to put together THE ultimate WANT list, a list of nine things, curated items from the last year's worth of Etsy Fav lists!

Do you have a coveted item sitting in your favorites on Etsy? Share in the comments section with a link!

Etsy Favorites Wednesday - the stuff I just bought edition!

This is my 55th Etsy Favorite Wednesdays list! Holy crow! I hope my readers enjoy the lists each week; I certainly enjoy putting them together. And really, if money were not an option, I would buy each and every item that has been featured here in these lists (which the exception of the 'bug' themed one that A. put together awhile back! Gross!) As I was going through the lists archive (which you can do too, if you're bored, by accessing it through the tag list on the right side) I was really enjoying seeing all of the finds. There's stuff that I still really want, but can't bring myself to spend the money to buy. Check out the "Ultimate Finds; Ultimate Wants" list coming soon! Without further ado, here is this week's list!

Hoooray for Etsy purchases! I have been fortunate enough in the last few days to have a few Etsy sales (yahooo!) so you know that sale money was just burning a hole in my little pocket. Yesterday I sat down and decided to make some purchases. These are all things I've had my eye on for awhile now and a few of them have already been featured in my Fav lists. So, this week's list is all things that I actually purchased!

A white tape measure bracelet! I bought a pink one awhile back and I love it a lot, but can't really wear it with too many outfits. So I got a white one!

Embroidery pattern! I bought this embroidery pattern of sewing notions and items (it has a pattern of scissors, yay!) and I plan to stitch them up, put them in little three-inch wooden hoops, and hang them in my craft room.

Ceramic button magnet! In this Etsy Fav post (which is the same one as the tape measure bracelet post, I had good finds that week!) I featured a sweet little ceramic button bowl. That has since sold out, but I found this adorable little button magnet and just had to have it!

Printable paper dolls! I am most excited about this purchase! I printed out the dolls on paper and I'm going to have the girls color them in and then they can dress them. I think they'll get a big kick out of it! I had some paper dolls in at Etsy fav list back in March.

Skull fabric! I got a quarter yard of this fabric in each color, pink, green and blue. I think I want to make myself a quilt. I had been eyeing this fabric ever since I saw it in this pin cushion. I'm really mad at myself that I never purchased that, because it's sold out now. For my quilt though, I want to make a trip to my favorite fabric store to purchase some coordinating fabric, hopefully there's still some of the scissors fabric left!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad things happen in three's, right?

So we've been having a little spell of bad luck here at the P. house. In the span of three weeks, the bathroom flooded (which then dripped down into our basement, lovely) because of a toilet/plumbing issue. Had a plumber out to fix that. Then the fridge stopped working, had a repairman out to fix that. Then yesterday, our air conditioner crapped out. Not cool. It has been 90 degrees with very high humidity. Yuck. We called the repairman out for that, but since it was a Saturday, it would have been time and a half, plus labor. So we decided we'd just endure it, and the repairman is coming first thing Monday morning. Enduring it we are, but just barely. It's just so stinking hot! If there is such a thing as the 'rule of three's' or whatever, then hopefully that's it for us. We can't take handle any more repairs, let alone the price of those repairs! Geez.

And then, how about an update on the 'ol 'selling the house' drama, shall we?! Oh yes, we shall. (Remember, this is therapy for me, talking, er, typing about it!) We had a realtor out to chat with us about the possibility of putting our house back on the market. We weren't sure quite what the market was doing and if maybe the $8,000 tax credit to homebuyers was making a difference or not. She came over on Saturday. Oh wait, let me back up. I usually don't have very vivid dreams, but on Friday night, had a dream about how I developed this awful rash all over my body. Because it was so vivid and just plain freaky, I looked it up online (I know, the internets are just so useful these days!) and it said if you dream about a skin rash, it signifies a fear in facing a harsh reality. HA! If that's not foreshadowing I don't know what is.

So anyway, the realtor was awesome, ran all of the numbers and just gave it to us straight. And that harsh reality, is that in order to sell our house, we will need to pay down our mortgage by at least $30,000. We can't even list our house right now, unless we could bring that much money to the closing table. Both Mike and I felt like throwing up. I mean really! $30,000! And that's just to break even. It's disgusting! Basically everything that you've read about the tanking housing market, the housing market that is saturated with foreclosures or short-sales selling for half of their worth, all of that is happening in our neighborhood. Which means we're stuck here.

Um yeah, we're not happy about it. Oh and the best, is that after the realtor left, Mike and I were talking over her news, and that's when the air conditioner stopped working. So needless to say, on Saturday we were really thinking that the entire world was against us! We pouted, we shouted (not at each other, but to the world and at the injustice of it all!) and got sad, depressed, angry, (really angry!) and then just decided, WHATEVER. What can we do now? Nothing. So we got over it and had an awesome (hot) weekend. We just made the best of the house sitting at 86 degrees inside for two days. We camped out, we played in the pool, we had an awesome Father's Day picnic with my family, we set up fans in every room of the house, and we went on. We're still angry, but the solution isn't coming to us anytime in the near future, so for now, we just go on, and live our lives. So there, stupid housing-market-broken-air-conditioners-high-humidity stupidness, up yours. We're moving on and trying to remain positive the best way we know how, just to enjoy our family and the blessings that we do have!

A Happy Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day today! We had a picnic outside and the girls (and Mike!) enjoyed their pool and slip-n-slide! I included a few pics below, and put the whole set on my Flickr account, which you can see by clicking here. Arlene got a water gun and she was having a blast! Also, I have pics on Flickr of the gift I made for Mike (and my dad) - check them out, they turned out super cute!

Mike is a kid at heart! The girls get such a kick out of the fact that he uses the slip-n-slide and the pool with them. Really I think he's having just as much fun as them! He's such a great Daddy!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Edward has a message for you

And that message is, "Buy Handmade!" That's what his little lapel says, awwwww ... how darling! Edward is my co-co-pilot in my craft room. Jack Skellington is my other co-pilot. (Jack's a bit jealous of the vampire newcomer, but whatever, Jack was my first true-love and he knows it, deep down.) And when will I ever grow up?! haha

A doll with pigtails!

I had been toying with the idea of making one my dolls with pigtails, and tonight I made one. She turned out a bit lop-sided, but cute none-the-less! Tee-hee, she makes me giggle!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etsy Favorites Wednesday ~ plush!

For this week's installment of Etsy Favorites Wednesday, I wanted to share with you a bunch of cool plush that I found! Enjoy!

Doris the Hedgehog has been knitted and stuffed. She looks like such a tranquil little hedgehog!

Bearded Lady ... who knew the bearded lady was so cute?!

Ella doll ... I am in love with these dolls! I want to make dolls like this. But I'm not that good in the graphic design department, boo. The seller makes up the doll designs and then has the fabric printed, then sews them together. I am jealous. I want to do that!

Grandfather clock doll ... isn't his expression just darling?! And the clock hands move! Hah!

Whiskerbears Moustachios ... there is nothing cooler than a big red 'shash!

As I was searching through Etsy the other day I came across this and I screamed! I fear the Big Boy. (And Amber don't you even think about getting that for me as a joke!!)

And if you're in the market for cute, button-eyed dolls, don't forget about the sweeties in my shop! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool gals

This picture just cracks me up! First pool day of the summer for the girls! They woke up this morning talking a mile-a-minute about it, they were so excited! Mike said the water was absolutely freezing, but they got in and played and then had to have a bath to warm up! Their fun continues this afternoon - they're going to see the Hannah Montana movie. They have it so good!

Pics from camping

My fake-cousin* Tonya emailed out the camping pics from our Memorial Day camping trip, they are just too cute not to share! Here's a few of them, check them out!

The animals look a bit restless!


How cute! I didn't have the girls' name shirts on them that day; that would have been even cuter!

*She's not really my cousin, but she should be. My cousin is married to her brother. Does that make her my cousin-in-law? Not really. She's my cousin-at-heart ... awwwww! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy Favorites Wednesday - Put a Drink on It

Today's Etsy Favorites Wednesday list is all about coasters. I know, I know, you can barely contain your excitement over coasters, right? But the coasters I found are unique: I found coasters made out of paper, fabric, tile, felt, and yarn. Enjoy!

Folksy Flower Letterpress Coasters - I just love letterpress, I really do. I love this vintage design and the red coloring.

Crocheted Coasters - the classic coaster just like your mom made. Nice. I also really like these crocheted apple coasters.

Classic Felt Coaster - simple and to the point.

Tile Coaster - a vintage camping image adorns the top of a tile. Kitchy.

Fabric Coaster - numbers on fabric! Reminds me of the Feist song, "1, 2, 3, 4" (which did you know she sang on Seasame Street? Link here!) I also am liking this pile of recycled fabric coasters.