Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Etsy Favorites Wednesday

Here's this week's Etsy Favorites Wednesday!

I am a big fan of this Etsy seller, CircaCiramics. I saw this button bowl and fell in love. I wish I could throw pottery. Someday, when I'm like 100 and retired from working and have "expendable income," I'm going to build myself a craft studio and in it I'm going to do all of the crafts I wish I could have done when I was 30 (31 in 12 days) such as throwing pottery, doing screen printing, designing my own fabric, doing metalwork, doing letterpress, making stain glass windows, and so on and so forth.

I've started the Great Doll Make of 2009 (in prep for my May craft show) so I've been knee deep in fabrics and sewing notions. I want this bracelet. And it's only $3! Holy moly, that's a good price, a STEAL! Hint, my birthday is 12 days away. In fact, I just bought it for myself! Happy Birthday to me - yay!!

YES, I KNOW! I *know* I'm a big dork for liking Twilight and Edward Cullen/Rob Pattinson and that it's really really dorky that I want this window decal. For my car. I *know* that's silly, but I don't care. Here's how I see it, I already have a Jack Skellington magnet on my car; that's pretty silly too, AND, my husband has a "SK" sticker - for Stephen King. Now THAT'S nerdy! So if he can have a SK sticker on the back of his car, why can't I have an EC sticker? HOWEVER, (man, I'm using a lot of CAPS) I don't want this one from Etsy. I think it looks like a faker, the font is all wrong. I want one that looks just like the "real" ones - who makes these? I found this store that makes the real ones, I found this one that says Forks. But that's all I can find. Poo.

Ice Cream Man artwork
I love this piece - it's made out of mixed media; paper, wood, transparent film. I like its dimension and it's uniqueness. I want to hang it on the wall. The girls would get a kick out of it too. We went to our favorite ice cream stand last night and they were so excited I thought they were going to burst.

Again, with the sewing motif! It's on my brain! I loooove vinyl stickers for walls. I have featured lots on my Etsy Favs lists. I would want this sticker for my craft room, but I think it would also make a statement in a living room or bathroom. I also found these vinyl stickers - love the colors of them, and, they don't come in the shape of the trees, you get to decide how you want it to look on your wall and arrange them yourself, and you get to pick which colors you want. Sigh.

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t.w.i.t. said...

Cute picks! I like the wall decals. Good luck on the Edward sticker. I'm not even a Twilight fanatic, but I must admit, if I still had a locker, I would plaster it with R-Patz's GQ pics.

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