Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calling all handypersons and cleanerpersons & babysitters

Okay, so we need to get our house sold. Now. We have a showing Tuesday night. Good news. We have an open house on Sunday. I am determined to make the house as show-able as possible for the open house. Mike returns Sunday, I told him I'd sell the house while he was gone, and I intend to put every effort into it. Because our new house is two weeks from being completed! All hands on deck. I have a huge list of to-do's. Mister Handy Man himself, my dad, is going to help, and hopefully I can convince Mister Handy Man Jr., my brother, to help too.

Hey, if you're bored and want to come to Cincinnati to help the P. family out, please, by all means, come on down! I'll give you refreshments, food, and I'll make you a rhubarb pie!

This is our list of to-do's, which includes a lot of "buy" items that I need to get:
  • Mulch flower bed and garden
  • Mow lawn and trim
  • Fix the eaves (slight rain damage)
  • Paint/install new wood under the eave under the back deck (rain damage)
  • Clean all windows and door glass
  • Clean all shades and blinds (there's funky stuff in our blinds in our basement)
  • Buy a couple decorative pots for plants for the front porch
  • Possibly buy a table set & rug to "stage" the back deck
  • Clean the foyer closet
  • Buy a new shoe rack for the laundry room
  • Buy balloons and fresh flowers, and possibly cookies and refreshments for the open house
  • Clean the gutters
  • Buy a new entry door rug
  • Buy weed killer for the driveway and apply
  • Spray paint the shutters and re-bolt them to the house
  • Clean the sink in the laundry room
  • Steam clean the carpets upstairs

The goal is to have all of the work done by Saturday night. And, I'm still planning on having those 14 dolls done by then too. Think I can do it all?

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